Online platform for the customization of homewares with the visual identity and quality proper to a design studio.

The main idea of Uprintize involves that any user can create, directly in the web browser, his own unique and personalized design of a product without having to have any knowledge of 3D modeling. Thus, once the user is satisfied with the customization of his design, he has only to download the STL file of the model to print it with his own desktop 3D printer or go to a specialized 3D printing service.

This platform wants to serve as a bridge, allowing users to participate in the design process and experiment with new digital fabrication technologies in an intuitive way. Above all, the greatest motivation when carrying out this project is the desire of bringing society closer to design and 3D printing because I believe that the need to be creative and have the ability to create is something inherent in people.

My goal at the first stage of the project, still a work in progress, is to improve my JavaScript and Three.js skills, in my free time, while developing a pilot product: the lampshade of Gobo. This is done to implement the MVP of the platform and for the purpose of testing and providing feedback to the business model designed for the launch of the Uprintize platform.